How to not kill your family.


It's the holiday season, and you are surrounded by the people you love the most - and who trigger you the most.

It's cool. You've got this. After all, you're a Super Conscious Love Monster, right?


Your parents keep telling you what to do or asking where you're going even though you are old enough to have your own children. Your in-laws are driving you mad with their weird quirks as you smile your best clenched-teeth smile. Your little nephews are super cute and sweet, and then, within milli-seconds they let out a howl that could pierce its way through to another dimension. 

The twins Webster and Charlie having a meltdown. 

The twins Webster and Charlie having a meltdown. 


Stressful moments are the real test of how well you are handling your emotions, and your reactions. 

These are the moments when it's time to put your conscious skills to REAL practice. If you're finding yourself feeling a surge of unpleasant emotions, try these tips: 

  • Take several deep breaths. Visualize exhaling negativity and inhaling calmness.  

  • Remember that everything changes - the pleasant and the unpleasant, so appreciate the moment for what it is. 

  • See the Loving Essence in the other person. Yes, even your 'evil' sibling is made of Love. 

  • Remember that the person before you is also a spiritual being having a human experience. Maybe their experience is particularly challenging right now and they could use some compassion. Instead of getting upset with them, what can you do to support them? 

  • Don't play the victim card. You are in charge of your own responses to people and circumstances.  

  • Choose self-honoring behaviors like taking a walk to have some alone time, eating more veggies and less dessert, or maybe budgeting a little extra to have your own place to retreat. 

  • Most of all, remember that we are all doing our best. I know it may not always seem that way, but we are.

Webster bring his Mama a flower. 

Webster bring his Mama a flower. 

There are beautiful moments all around you. 
Are you choosing to see them?