In the midst of chaos, choose peace.

This morning as I sat quietly in my meditation class, I thought about how safe I was right in that moment. I thought of all the chaos happening in the world right at that moment. I actually heard sirens speed by outside. In that moment, I felt a deep sadness for where the sirens where headed, and I also felt deep gratitude towards myself that I had made the choice to live a life of peace, to the best of my ability. I realized that I was actively working towards my own internal peace by being right there on my mat doing the poses, doing the breathing, crying the tears I felt for all of humanity, releasing all the things inside me that no longer serve me. 

I didn't feel like coming to class today, but I made a commitment to myself so I came anyway. I moved past the resistance. Today, amidst all the sadness, I chose something self-honoring instead of destructive. 

This is not a plea to receive compliments. My practice is my practice. It has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s a commitment I have made to myself. But since I’m there anyway, I do send my love out to everyone as much as I am able to. 

When we make the quiet and steady commitment to know, love, and honor our Selves truly, to become aware of our own darkness no matter how ugly it gets, and finally, to transmute it all back out in the form of Love, that is when internal change happens. And when internal change happens, external changes will naturally follow.