There are people who will fear your wildness.

There are people who will fear your wildness. 
People who will tell you you're too much. 
Too intense, too strong, too smart, too confident, too sexy... 
Sometimes you hear it so much that the little one inside gets the message that it's not okay to be her full self
That the world won't accept her that way. 
Her wildness is too much so she gets locked up and sedated
So the world won't feel the ripple of her authenticity. 
Gotta keep it all safe and normal. 
No ripples. 

At first, she fights and screams and shakes the cage. 
But she eventually gets so tired she just passes out from exhaustion
And she realizes that she's going to have to play their way for a while
She's going to have to line up and take the pill cocktail they dish out
Playing tame is the only way society lets you out of the cage. 
But the thing is, by then, 
you actually have been sedated. 
You have been brainwashed
that your uniqueness is too much
That it really isn't safe
To be you. 
Because they might lock you up
And try to suffocate your soul again. 
You might wake up with some burly nurse sticking a needle in your arm again. 

You look longingly at the moon
And remember the wild vixen inside you
She tries to seductively coax you into letting her out again. 
And you get that excitement in your eyes and that juicy feeling near your thighs
because that's what she stirs

And then you remember
that you're supposed to cross your legs and you're supposed to be fucking proper
And you shhhhh her. 
You shhh her and she gives you that fiery 'don't fucking try to quiet me down, bitch' look
Oooh!  So full of fire! And you immediately miss her!!! 
But the world has conditioned you to be scared of her
She's impulsive, reckless, sensual, unpredictable, wild,
Naked from the inside out. 
Raw and unapologetically and fiercely naked. 

And then when you least expect it, 
Some stranger comes along
And he says 'More.' 
'I want more.' 
And you feel her wake up inside you
And she growls a passionate 'Yes!' 
And you say 'Ohh shit. She woke up. Everyone, be quiet so she'll go back to sleep.' 
But he says 'More' once again
She is not going back to sleep at all. 
And he says it again, 
Demanding it this time - ‘MORE!’

She snaps.  

'Fuck this!' she says
like the invincible teenager she used to be
She jumps out the window
Hops on the back of a roaring Harley
And follows the sound of that voice
that just keeps demanding MORE. 
It gets louder and louder
I try to reason with her
I say 'Don't you remember what happened last time?!
The world said you were too much
And locked you away'

She looks back at me all wild and inspired and otherworldly
her hair a mess
her skin glowing
her smile full of mischief
her eyes alive with delicious decadence 

And from the most real place inside her she says, 
Fuck that. 
I'm done with that shit. 
No cage can hold me anymore.'