Scared + Sacred

These two words have more similarities than just their letters.

I recently had the realization that sometimes when I’m feeling scared, it’s really my ego trying to dissuade me from doing something that feels ‘too big.’

When you make the decision to stop playing small, and really, courageously, unabashedly step into your Authentic Self, fear can step in and do its best to try and run the show.  Your ego wants you to stay small.  It wants you to stay in your comfort zone.  Nothing is threatened there.  It is always the same.  It is routine.  You can count on it.  Even if your comfort zone is a totally lame and miserable place, you can receive ‘comfort’ in knowing what to expect.

Following the road of your Authentic Self is exciting and adventurous, but get ready for it to be way out of your comfort zone.  We’ve all heard the saying “There’s no growth in your comfort zone.”  So true.  It can be a very scary place.

If you’re ready to follow an authentic path – one that feels aligned and sacred to YOU, be prepared to feel a little (or a lot) scared.  It’s ok.  Other people may not understand.  It’s ok.  You might feel dizzy.  It’s ok. You may feel like you’ve lost your mind.  You haven’t.  I promise.  You’ve probably found heart, actually.

You’re going to get through it.  

Not only will you get through it, but you’ll eventually get to a place where you bust out of that cocoon and spread your beautiful, sacred wings and feel thankful for the growth and changes.