America! What Have You Become?!

There has been so much unnecessary brutality in this country lately that I felt compelled to write a little poem about the sad state of the United States.  

A M E R I C A !
What have you become?!

The world once looked to you
As a place of dreams, a place of freedom.

Foreigners dreamt of your promise land
And risked their lives to get here, for even just a chance! 

But you were a glutton with your glory.
You’ve grown obese with racism and violence.

So many brutal murders -
The children, the gays, the blacks, the cops...

You’ve pumped us full of pharmaceuticals, 
Injected poison into our crops.

Reflections of your darkness, 
Dressed in white supremacy

Fill the media’s pockets
As they campaign for presidency.

Your citizens are embarrassed,
Planning their exit strategies.

Your star-spangled banner is covered in the blood
Of those who were not treated as free.