Are you ever going to get a real job, get married, and do something with yourself??

How many of you are feeling misunderstood in this way right now?

(Person 1 is a Piscean Age person rooted in old, traditional behavior patterns.)

PERSON 1: How are you?

ME: I’m so wonderful!

PERSON 1: Oh, great! Tell me what’s so wonderful.

ME: Well, I’ve been really working on myself and feel like I’m at a place where I really love the person I am.

I feel healthy, and happy. Oh, and I’ve been really creative! I think I finally moved through all those years of blocks around not being good enough to call myself an artist and not being ashamed of the things I would create. It feels like such a HUGE accomplishment to me! I feel a freedom that I haven’t felt since I was a kid - the freedom to be myself! I don’t think there’s anything as magical and important as that. How many people actually really know their true selves?! I think I’m honestly getting there.

Oh, and I’ve been changing my diet and really paying attention to what I’m putting in my body because I finally realized how important it is to worship the temple I reside in.

Speaking of worship, I have a strong, daily devotional practice dedicated to the honoring the divine with me. Every single morning, I wake up before the sun rises and I do yoga and meditate.
Did you know yoga means ‘union’? I finally had the awareness that the Love I’ve always been seeking is not getting married, but instead the union between myself and the magic of the universe. I connect with that infinite source every single day and I feel so incredibly fulfilled by a Love so epic, so big, so all-encompassing that most people miss it because they’re looking for it in another person (which I now know will never work).

The fact that I do my best not to look for my happiness in external sources has actually improved my relationships; they are so much more lovely and meaningful and I love the people in my life.
The work I do to help others move through their blocks and challenges provides me with such a sense of heartfelt purpose. There’s just nothing as fulfilling as watching someone have a huge realization about themselves and have the courage to move towards the highest expression of their Authentic Selves.

My presence and awareness are the highest they’ve ever been and I experience every single moment of my life to the fullest. I have such a deep appreciation for life and all that comes with it.
Although I have much more to learn, I can confidently say I’ve reached a certain level of mastery of how to move through challenges with more grace, compassion, and love for myself and others.

PERSON 1: Hmm. So, are you ever going to get a real job, get married, and do something with yourself??

ME: (Quietly to self:) Hmm. I don’t think they understood anything I just said.


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