The most addictive drug in the world is closer than you may realize.

It's 2:23 am. And I'm having withdrawals. 

I can't sleep. I'm grinding my teeth and I have a massive headache. I feel angry and annoyed and really, really tired.  The thing is - I quit two weeks ago.  

Then I had an intense couple of days and lost my better judgment, and I picked it back up. 

The way all this sounds, you'd think I was talking about cocaine or some other illegal drug. Nope. I'm talking about something that is way sneakier, and way more accessible, and way more evil in a lot of ways. 

See, the thing about the big illegal drugs like cocaine, heroine, etc. is that they are obvious - you usually have to go out of your way to acquire them, then when you take them, you feel high and then you come down and feel like crap.  AND society has labeled them as illegal and 'bad.'  So, again, the negative effects are obvious. 

I'm talking about S U G A R.  

I mean... It even looks like cocaine. There's definitely a family resemblance.  

It's been proven that coming off things like sugar and caffeine are equal to the withdrawal symptoms people have with major drugs. One site even referred to sugar as 'legal cocaine' and another talked about how sugar and cocaine affect the same areas of the brain, and have the same withdrawal experiences. And many sites are saying that sugar is 8 times more addictive. No joke. (I'm only making this comparison to cocaine to show the severity of sugar addiction and not to suggest anyone take cocaine. Also a SUPER dumb idea, obviously). 

On top of that, sugar is a slow killer.  It's in the long, slow marathon game - slowly breaking down your immune system eventually leading to all kinds of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, candida, obesity, and much more. 

Here's what BrainMD Health has to say about the effects of sugar: 

"Eating sugary foods makes people hungry and tired, and causes them to gain weight. Refined sugar is void of minerals needed for enzymes, can cause mineral deficiencies, interferes with the actions of calcium and magnesium, increases inflammation, increases erratic brain cell firing, and has been implicated in aggression.

Additionally, sugar consumption has been associated with depression, ADHD and hyperactivity, increased triglycerides, lower HDL, and higher LDL cholesterol; it also feeds cancer cells. Brain imaging studies showed sugar causes increased slow brain waves, and a study at UCLA showed that sugar alters learning and memory."

Think I'm over-reacting??  Just try quitting sugar.  But here's the issue with even that - people think that they are quitting sugar when they stop eating all the cookies and doughnuts. Nooooo, my friends, unfortunately, it's way sneakier than that. Nowadays, sugar is in EVERYTHING. Even things that don't seem like they'd be sugary (like pasta sauce) are full of it. 

"The average American eats 26 five-pound bags of added sugar every year, and it's not your sweet tooth that's to blame. Manufacturers sneak sugar into our food as a cheap and lazy way to make it taste better.  Sugary foods are no longer just an obvious treat," says Anne Alexander, author of The Sugar Smart Diet. "It's likely that you are eating far more sugar than you realize and getting it from places you would never suspect."

Adding to my sleepless panic is the fact that it really is in so many things under its various pseudonyms that even if I think I'm not consuming sugar, I most likely am. And don't even get me started on the term 'sugar-free' - that shit is full of synthetic sugar-like substitutes created in a lab, which is even worse!  Our bodies are not made to eat foods created in a lab. It's like putting some sort of mad scientist concoction into an organic machine.  It's a BAD idea. 

It really does take a lot of effort these days to do good things for yourself - whether it's creating boundaries from toxic situations or bringing your own food places so that you know what's actually going in your body. 

Take care of yourselves. You are precious. Treat your body like the temple that it is. 

I know I'm going to do my best to do a better job. Maybe we can all help each other? :) 


More research on how sugar will negatively impact your health.