The littlest teacher with the biggest lesson.

Meet Forrest. 
He's only been here a few week and is already one of the most amazing teachers on this planet. 


I’ve only met Alex Seaman once, a year ago. 
I’ve not yet met her son Forrest, but I’m sure I will when the time is right. 
I’ve dedicated my daily yoga and meditation practice to them both for the past several weeks.  


A year ago, I was visiting Charleston, SC and actively looking for a kundalini yoga class.  Alex is one of the few teachers of kundalini in the area, so I ended up at her class at Mission Yoga.  She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Forrest. I am sharing this because I think Forrest has already shown so many people how to love more, and I'm so thankful for his existence. 

Please read Alex's own words on this miraculous being who has graced us with his presence, teachings, and Love. 


"He was 6 lbs 7 oz and beautiful, with a steady heart and healthy brain. His first cry was a miracle, as is and will be his existence. But he is not what any of us would expect. 

He’s a miracle. And he is remarkably healthy and whole. 
Please continue if only you’ll see him this way. 

Forrest was born with a condition that, as of yet, the geneticists and doctors cannot explain. As I mentioned before he is healthy, but was born missing both of his legs and one arm. His right arm developed full size, but the bones in his hand are fused, as you’ll see in the pictures above. We won’t know until 6-months whether they can be separated, and would have to make a decision about this at that time.  

I can speak for the lot of us when I say we’ve been through the emotional gamut. And I expect that, for those of you who know and love us, it may be the same. We experienced the terror, the heartbreak, a tinge of rejection that very soon gave way to the most unconditional love; we experienced the grief, the longing, and the feeling like something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

If this is your experience, honor it. But by the time you meet this child, please embrace him with the attitude that we’ve settled into: that for reasons unknown, this is the body that will best serve his Spirit, and that there is a Great Mystery at work that we’d be silly to question or try to understand. 

Our work is to surrender and accept,

and to love with hearts wide open."

- Alexandra Seaman