Celebrate Your Divinity

Enough of this 'playing small' business! 
It's time to claim your sovereignty!  

It's time to re-member how worthy, expansive, and majestic of a soul you are. 

So much of the time, we are ruled by the small self, which does exactly that - tells us lies about how small, unimportant, and insignificant we are. Unfortunately, much of the world is running this archaic, horrible program and this is causing us to forget the truth - 

As Rumi once said, "We are the Universe in ecstatic motion." 

We are divine souls having a human experience. 

And this fact alone means

We are inherently worthy. 

Join us in sacred ceremony to re-member and reclaim your sovereignty. 

June 2 from 9am-1pm in Topanga Canyon, CA




Join me for a nourishing and rejuvenating Saturday morning workshop in a secluded retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains in lovely Topanga Canyon, CA. We will be doing a very brief kundalini yoga set followed by a profound meditation to reclaim our sovereign birthrights as divine souls having human experiences. Then we're going to have a beautiful sharing circle, some tea and play time by making our own crowns!  At the end of the time, we will have a powerful crowning ceremony! 

Our goal is to create something that help you remember how worthy, expansive and majestic of a soul you are!  

I will be providing some basic materials, but everyone is encouraged to bring their own materials, as each of our crowns will be as unique as the individuals creating them!


To get everyone ready for our sacred crowning ceremony, I will start the day with a very brief kundalini yoga set designed to raise our vibrations. We'll follow this up with a profound meditation to reclaim our sovereignty. We will then release any blocks we have placed in our paths in our Sharing Circle. Afterwards, we'll have tea, make new friends, and have a blast making our own unique crowns! To close, we will end with a powerful Crowning Ceremony. 

Please arrive BY 9am so that you can find parking and be on time as we have lots of fun stuff planned! 

9:00am   Guests arrive and get settled in for brief yoga followed by meditation

10:00am  Sharing Circle releasing old blocks

10:30am  Tea and crown making crafts

12:00pm  Crowning Ceremony begins

1:00pm  Conclusion


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About Olivia and the location!

Olivia Pool Yoga 3.jpg

Olivia Pool

I'm a trained Spiritual Psychology Specialist and Kundalini Teacher.  My purpose here on this planet at this time is to assist people in remembering and living from their Authentic Self, which is our Sat Nam, our "true identity." 

Feel free to reach out to me anytime by emailing me here: olivia@oliviapool.com


Bu House Retreat Center in Topanga Canyon, CA 

There's nothing better for your soul than spending time in nature. The Goddess Gaia is where we come from and she is here to cradle us in her loving embrace. Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the gorgeous yoga loft space and meditation garden at Bu House, nestled amongst the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Directions will be given once registered. 


See some images here for inspiration!