Fearce: The fiercely courageous process of alchemizing daily blocks and fears into radical Self Love,

thereby inspiring and supporting the Self to live in a state of authentic, divine creativity.

It is from this place of true confidence that the Soul’s dreams become reality.


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What is FEARCE??

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Fearce: Overcoming Resistance + Creating Your Dream Project. This is an intro video for the upcoming online course beginning January 2019 by Spiritual Psychology Specialist Olivia Pool.

You know that


that keeps pulling at your heartstrings?


Imagine how you’d be feeling right now

if you had already accomplished it.


The time for clever excuses is over, and none of us are getting any younger.


I believe our Souls are trying to guide us

toward our highest expressions of ourselves

by sending these “amazing ideas” through us.


Our Souls need us to function as the alchemists 

who will transform these ideas from energy to matter…


Because the world desperately needs more joy, 

more Love, more inspiration, more magic. 

Because the world needs the brilliance

That can only be alchemized through your particular magic.


Even if you’ve judged your ideas as irrelevant and silly,

realize they could mean the world to someone else.


And honestly, 

whatever wants to be born is way more important 

than any of your self-judgments. 


This is much bigger than you.


You owe it to your Soul

to follow through with its requests.

After all, it is tapped into an intelligence far greater

than your brain’s logical thoughts.


Your ideas NEED to be born.

So, tell me, 

What is your Soul yearning to create? 

This could be anything from starting a new business, learning a new skill or craft, learning to take great care of your body, becoming a public speaker, finally writing that book...

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t done yet? 

Now, imagine that what you’ve always wanted to do is already done.

Wow. That’s a nice feeling.



what’s the hold up?

Why haven’t you done it yet?

What’s stopping you from making it happen? 

I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough education. I’m not any good at it. Other people are already doing it. I feel unsure of myself. I can’t quit my day job. What will other people think? It’ll never work. I can’t put something out there that isn’t perfect.

Ah, the very clever excuses. 

I’ve heard them all and I’ve used them all myself.

My desires to answer my Soul’s callings have always been met with resistance.

This realization left me feeling quite puzzled and frustrated. 

If I’m meant to do something, wouldn’t it just be easy?? 

Well, yes and no (but that explanation comes later).


Luckily for myself, my clients, and my students, 

my frustrations have often lead me on quests for solutions. 


And that is exactly what I am presenting here today—

 a solution for how to move past your resistance, blocks, and fears, 

so you can finally create your heartfelt dreams. 


My solution to this problem

of people not manifesting their Soul’s calling

is my new online program starting this January —


My Post Copy 9 copy.jpg


It’s time to take the leap!

You’re not getting any younger, and the world seriously needs what you have to offer—regardless of how big or small it is. We need more positive change.


is an intense program

that will evolve you into a higher level of yourself.

It is designed to challenge you.

It is not for those who want a quick fix.

It is a program for SPIRITUAL WARRIORS

who are willing to do whatever they need to do

to move past their old patterns, blocks, and resistances

and finally create

what they are here to create on this planet.

It is for those who are truly done with living a sub-par life

and are ready and willing to commit to

the highest evolution of themselves

and fully step into their Soul’s calling.


the details:

Fearce is an intensive 10-week virtual program specifically designed to help you create a heartfelt project your soul has been begging you to create. (For all of you that want to work on your physical self, yes, your project can even be an updated version of YOU.)

You will have the support, empowerment, and accountability you need to help you create a solid strategic action plan, implement powerful daily practices, and teach you how to stay on track. You will learn all about what’s been holding you back and how to overcome those

Most of all, you will birth a project of your choice that is near and dear to your heart.

Hate to break it to ya, but you’re not getting any younger,

and those excuses are only going to get even more convincing as time passes.

This is why the Fearce program is so important—

it will help you remove all the barriers you’ve built against yourself.

Because these ‘clever excuses’ are not real. They are our brains’ method of protecting us.

Excuses are actually nothing but a collection of fears

living in our subconscious minds telling us that we’re not good enough,

that we’ll be outcast, that we’ll fail,

or even sometimes that we’ll shine too brightly.

I don’t know about you,

but I started feeling pretty darn fed up

of all those negative thoughts holding me back,

so I created this program for myself, and all those like me, who want to do amazing things,

but have gotten stuck in the negative, circular ramblings of our over-protective minds.


Quick overview of the online course:

olivia pool fearce.jpg
  • Each student will be working on their own unique project of their choice

  • January 7 – March 11, 2019 (10 weeks)

  • Limited to a small group of 10 students so that everyone gets the attention they deserve

  • Live weekly online video conference calls every Monday at 3pm PST

  • 40-day daily practice (3-minutes a day)

  • Homework assignments that will be reviewed by Olivia personally

  • Assigned reading (don’t worry – it’s only one very short, and life-changing book!)


Through this powerful project-creation program you will:

My Post Copy 3.jpg
  • Get clarity on what your Soul is asking you to create. (Hint: This is often linked to your life purpose).

  • Learn how to create a step by step strategic action plan so that you can move forward in a successful way. 

  • Create reachable milestones and deadlines so you can celebrate your wins. 

  • Have a solid support system as you move through the ups and downs of your project.

  • Learn practical tools to keep yourself on track when you start coming up with resistance, fears, blocks, and excuses again.

  • Have lots of accountability—from the program creator as well as your own accountability buddy or group.

  • Have weekly check-ins and homework so that you stay on track.

  • Learn how to stop the negative self talk that keeps you playing small. 

  • Implement a simple 3-minute daily meditation practice that can change your entire life. 

  • Learn how to live and thrive beyond your comfort zone. 

  • Merge the practical logic of humanity with the divine magic of being a Quantum Creator. 


What does your heart want?

What have you have been wanting to do but have made all kinds of excuses not to do???

This could be anything from starting a new business, becoming a public speaker, climbing a mountain, finally writing that book...


Who is the Fearce program for?

This is for anyone who:

  • Has a specific project they’ve been wanting to create but keep coming up with clever excuses not. This can be anything from the creation of an actual project, learning a new skill, reaching a fitness goal…

  • Feels bored with their current life

  • Feels unsure of either what their purpose is, or how to make it a reality

  • Wants to take action but is coming up with reasons why it won’t work

  • Is a procrastinator and/or perfectionist

  • Has a lack of motivation or a lack of accountability

  • Has a fear of failure (or success)

  • Feels overwhelmed

  • Experiences a lot of negative self talk

  • Feels either scatter-minded or just have a hard time focusing

  • Has moments of inspiration and begin projects but don’t finish them 


How you will be transformed:

After this course, people who have been coming up with clever excuses why they can't make one of their dream projects a reality, will understand what is holding them back, learn how to overcome it, create a solid strategic action plan (similar to a business plan), implement daily practices, and maintain their accountability. Most of all, they will have finally birthed a heartfelt project they've been dreaming of doing. Students can expect more confidence, more self love, self trust, daily practices, accountability, and the actual creation of a project!


Transformational milestones students will experience:   

  1.  Finally voicing and initializing your heartfelt dream in a tangible, real way

  2. Understanding what is holding you back

  3. Reviewing and clarifying your heartfelt dream and learning how to create a strategic action plan

  4. Learning how to overcome your blocks and fears

  5. Celebrating your ‘mistakes’

  6. Enjoying having a completed strategic action plan you can use moving forward

  7. Creating and implementing daily practices so you can stay on course while riding roller coaster of life

  8. Actually birthing a living, breathing version of your heartfelt project!!!!


Sounds epic.

I’m SO ready to release all this old baggage and step into the most amazing version of myself who has all these badass things to create during this lifetime!

No more holding back!


The 10-week Curriculum:


Week 1: Initiate Yourself

Week 1: Initiate Yourself

Begin. This is your initiation into what it means to be FEARCE. No more playing small. No more excuses. No more old patterns of incompletion or negative-self talk. We are calling your Highest Self forward to operate this rocket!

First, we’ll talk about your dreams. I want to hear about what you want, what you really, really want! Then we’ll go over all the basics of what else to expect from the course, of course. :) And you will be re-introduced to your new best friends: accountability, daily practices, homework, and the most inspiring (super short book) you’ll ever read.


Week 2: Your Dream + Life Purpose: Frightening + Exciting

Week 2: Your Dream + Life Purpose: The Perfect Formula of Frightened + Excited

Your real dream is a perfect formula of excited and terrified. Yup. That’s the sweet spot. That’s the place where you really want something but you’re going to have to move beyond your comfort zone to actually reach it. It’s the one you’re going to have to do some push-ups for. If it was easy for you, you would have already finished it.

This week will bring more clarity to your life purpose. and we’ll discuss how it relates to the project you’ve chosen.

Learn tools to move through the negative-self talk and clever excuses. Start creating the beginning of your strategic action plan.


Week 3: What’s Holding You Back?

Week 3: You’re Not Stupid or Lazy, So What’s Holding You Back?

“Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” 

Ahhh. “La Resistance!,” “The Great Procrastinations + Clever Reasonings of the Logical Protective Mind,” and “The Body’s Desire for Homeostasis” will be taught. We will examine, understand, and move beyond the concepts of resistance, fear, perfectionism, inadequacy, and any other blocks that are holding you back from shining as your true self. You will leave with a clear understanding of WHY you get in your own way.


Week 4: Your Action Plan

Week 4: Your Plan is Both Practical + Magical

It’s time to finalize your strategic action plan with very real and practical milestones, timelines, and deadlines. It’s time for all your thoughts and ideas to become tangible realities. With professional guidance and accountability from me, combined with the support of your team mates, and your own perseverance, you will be putting it all on paper.

And because we are also Quantum Creators, you will learn ways to bring all kinds of ways to infuse magic into the practicality of your action plan.


Week 5: How to Really Manifest

Week 5: How to Really Manifest

Manifestation is a total buzzword in our society these days. And as much as I love vision boards and intention-setting circles, we are going to go beyond those to something even more powerful.

Learn how manifestation really works - and why it works. I will share my secret formula!


Week 6: Move Beyond Perfectionism

Week 6: Move Beyond Perfectionism

Stop trying to make it perfect!! This is usually the time when all kinds of perfectionist freak outs start happening. I know. I’m a confessed perfectionist, control freak, want-everything-to-be-perfect person. And the idea of putting things out in the world that are less than amazing can feel really, really upsetting.

We are our worst critics, and it’s honestly the least helpful thing that we can do for ourselves or anyone else. During this module, we will work directly with the clever excuses and logical-sounding inner critics and have a chat with them. We will learn how to be okay with things as they are, and love them—and ourselves—in the process.


Week 7: The Roller Coaster of Life

Week 7: The Roller Coaster of Life

There are two hardest parts of being a channel for your soul’s dream for you: 1. beginning (which you’ve already done—yay!!!) and then 2. continuing on your path while riding the roller coaster of life.

One thing is guaranteed - when you start growing and changing, the world around you may not support this—usually because it brings up their own stuff. This can be a major test for you. When you know to expect these resistances in other areas of your life, you can be more prepared to handle them with grace, strength and perseverance.


Week 8: Stamina + Perseverance

Week 8: Stamina + Perseverance

Whew! You’re almost there. This is often when people want to quit—those last steps are usually the hardest! But you’re not going to quit, because you’re FEARCE, and you’ve made a commitment to your self that you’re going to do this thing.

This is why you are here with us and why you are surrounded by your biggest cheerleaders. We are your tribe of support angels, and we are here to help you reach the top. We’re going to call back when you stray off path, and we are going to cheer you on continuously.

Remember, there’s a great view from the top, and you DESERVE it!


Week 9: Birth + Celebration!

Week 9: Birth + Celebration!

Insert ALL the emotions!!!! It’s here. Your baby is ready to be born!

As any parent does, you’re full of joy and fear, relief and panic. This is what birthing your soul’s calling looks and feels like. And you are the best parent ever—already. Know why? Because you’ve moved through all kinds of challenges already that have prepared you for this next level of your evolution.

This week we CELEBRATE!!!!


Week 10: Keep Up + You Will be Kept Up

Week 10: Keep Up + You Will be Kept Up!

So, you birthed the thing. Whew. Amazing. Now what??

Now, the long-haul of the real work of steadiness, daily practice, discipline, and consistency come into play. This is another test in your evolution. It takes a lot of skill and perseverance to create something, now you need to sustain it. Your new baby needs to be loved, fed, and cared for regularly or it’s not going to fare very well.

In this last week, you will be asked to put into real life practice everything you’ve learned. You will go beyond your strategic action plan to a life plan so that you can sustain the amazing momentum you’ve created over the past 10-weeks. You are now a new person with a new way of living and being.


Wow. Exactly what I need! But HOW do I make it happen?

For right now, we are not going to worry about the HOW. This is one of the ways that people allow themselves to get stuck—spending too much time focusing on the analytical parts of it all. I know—I’m one of those people.

The smartest thing you can do right now is check in with your own intuition, and if you get a YES to do this, then just simply follow that guidance and sign up by choosing one of the payment options below.

I will guide you through everything else. I promise you will have all your HOW questions answered through this program. :)


Sounds great, but how much does it cost??

Well, just like anything worthwhile, a commitment of time, energy, financial exchange, and dedication is going to be asked of you.

As much as I like the idea of making this program free, I’m not going to because that’s actually not in service to you or me.

It’s not in service to you because if this is too easy of a thing for you to just sign up, you’re less likely to take it seriously, and I am ONLY interested in working with people who are serious about change. It’s not in service to me to make this free because I believe that what I have created here is a goldmine of a program with over 15 years of active study and work and many, many mountains of my own that I’ve personally climbed to learn these skills. I will never teach anything that I have not walked through myself. And I believe in my own value and worth.

All of that being said, since this is the first time I’m running this program in a public way, I feel I have come up with numbers here that are extremely affordable for the depth of transformation and support that the students are getting in these 10-weeks.

Early Bird + Regular Pricing

Early Bird Pricing until end of day on January 2, 2019

  • Pay in full - $888

  • Payment plan - 3 payments of $350

Regular Pricing is from January 3 - 6

  • Pay in full - $1111

  • Payment plan - 3 payments of $400

Special Early Bird pricing listed below available only until January 2nd,

IF there are still spaces available.

This course is limited to only 10 participants.

Class starts at 3pm PST on January 7, 2019.


Best Offer

Early Bird Full Payment of $888

Early Bird Full Payment option:

Save tremendously by signing up early and paying in full. This discounted rate is $888 when you make one easy payment.

Most Flexible

Early Bird Payment Plan of 3 payments of $350

Early Bird Payment Plan option:

This is the perfect option if you prefer budgeting things out. This option is 3 easy payments of $350 every 3 weeks, with the first payment happening today.


Not sure if this is right for you? Check in.

This is NOT the right course for a lot of people. It is, however, the perfect choice for a select few who are really, really ready to make a big change.

Get super quiet. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Simply ask your intuition to guide you.



Who else is going to be there?

You can expect to be with other brilliant, creative, entrepreneurial, spiritual seekers and revolutionaries like yourself who are all working towards a project that is really important to them, and they are looking for assistance, inspiration, support from a community of likeminded people who are dedicated to helping each other rise.

I’m limiting this to a maximum of 10 people so that everyone can really have the time and space to feel fully heard, seen, and assisted with whatever is going on for them.

I want to do it but not sure what my project would be yet.

No worries. I’ve changed my ideas as frequently as my outfits before going out on Friday nights. You will have time to brainstorm your ideas, and you will have help honing in on the right one for this project. And don’t worry - you still have a whole lifetime to do all the millions of other projects on your list! Except that after this course, you’ll know exactly how to rock them out with a lot more ease and grace!

I have a busy schedule. What’s the time commitment?

By signing up for this, you are committing to being part of an online group video call every Monday at 3pm PST for 1.5 hours. Part of what this project is about is you learning how to really show up for yourself so I’m expecting everyone to be present, on-time, and actively involved in our weekly calls. And yes, in case of emergencies, you will be able to catch up by watching a recorded version of weekly meeting as it will be emailed to everyone in the group each week. There will be a super short book that we’ll be reading, but honestly most people are able to finish this entire book in 2 hours since it’s so short, but you can take your time.

In addition to that, you will need to make time to actually work on your project! This is the reason you’re signing up so I hope you’re ready to make that finally happen. I’m guessing you’ve read this far because you’re feeling frustrated about not having finished it already, so now is the time!

What if I sign up and I hate it? Can I get a refund?

Short answer, yes. I certainly want you to be happy. I feel confident that I’ve created something that is really powerful and transformational with FEARCE. I can tell you upfront that there are going to be moments when you want to quit because an unresolved issue is surfacing for you—that’s actually a big part of what the course is about—how to move beyond those clever excuses when they come up. However, I want you to feel secure in your purchase, and am willing to offer a 100% refund if you decide that this course is not meeting your expectations.

I really don’t have the money at the moment. Is there a scholarship available?

Yes, there is one scholarship available. If you are interested in this, please email me directly and I will send you a scholarship application.

I have more questions!

Awesome. I have answers. Email me.



Your dreams are tired of waiting.

I hope you’re ready to drop the clever excuses.


When we are able to fully love ourselves,

when we are able to completely embrace our “imperfections,” and move beyond our fears,

a magical thing happens—

our confidence grows, and we no longer let our irrational fears run the show.

And when these fears are out of the way,

all that is left is the Authentic Self,

whose deepest desire is for you to BE the Quantum Creator that you are.