There's a real you underneath all those masks that I bet you're tired of wearing.
Let's clean the mud off.  Your Soul is so ready to shine! 

Fumbling Towards Authenticity is a full day self love intensive set in the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains in Topanga, CA.  

We will be learning Spiritual Psychology practices, ancient Kundalini yogic science techniques, self love and self care practices, and you will be nourished by all kinds of Ayurvedic superfoods.  

In all my years of learning, practicing, and teaching a variety of methodologies, these are the most potent, efficient, and effective.  When you leave that evening, I guarantee you that you will not be the same person that arrived. 

You will most certainly laugh and make new friends who are on the same path of transformation as you are. You might shed a tear or two - which I consider to be one of the best things anyone can do.  You don't want that crap to continue living inside of you!!!!  You will move, stretch, and express yourself in a safe, sacred circle.  

You will experience your own beautifully perfect imperfections. 

Your courage and dedication will be honored, and your journey towards being more kind, loving, and accepting to yourself with step up to a new level. 

Got questions?  Email me.  

xoxo - Olivia 


What to expect

A full day intensive designed to assist you in releasing old blocks and judgments, find the voice inside that is wanting to be heard and acknowledged, and allow your Authentic Self to shine through so the world (and YOU) can experience your own brilliance and purpose. 

Dress in comfortable layers. We're going to be doing all kinds of fun things - kundalini, meditation, dancing, laying in the grass. Be comfy. Be yourself. I honestly don't care what you wear. I care about your soul feeling heard, loved, and understood. 

A journal and pen is encouraged. An adventurous and loving spirit is required. 

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Private residence in Topanga, CA
Space is very limited as this will be in the lovely meditation space of a private residence in Topanga, CA overlooking the Santa Monica mountains.  Address and directions will be given once attendees are fully registered.

Saturday, April 28, 2018
9am - 5pm

Energetic Exchange
Until April 21, there is the option of the Early Bird price of $95 for one person.  Or come with a friend and save $10 for the combo 2-person rate of $180. 

After April 21, if there is still space available, the cost will switch to the Normal price of $115 per person or $210 for the combo/friend price. 

Choose either: Single Ticket or Bring a Friend
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“The meditation we did allowed me to experience a part of myself I didn't even know existed. It was a really emotional experience for me and I wanted to do the meditation again immediately after we did it.”

— K.K.

A safe space.

“Olivia created such a safe space, and I'm so thankful for that.”

— E.W.


“I didn't realize how much I had let other people's ideas rule my life. When I was able to connect with my Authentic Self, I started making choices that made ME happy. I can't begin to say how grateful I am for that.”

— J.Y.