"She can hold an incredible loving space while also calling you out on your shit."

As a coach, Olivia holds a beautiful sacred space. Her thoughtful internal listening led us along an incredible path of unfolding. My experience with Olivia was powerful as she reminded and reflected to me, my unique gifts and how they are needed in the world. She can hold an incredible loving space while also calling you out on your shit. I loved my session with her.

- Donna Bond M.A., Professional Life + Business Coach, DonnaBond.com

I can’t express enough how much Olivia’s workshop helped to enliven and focus me. I had a nebulous idea about wanting to have a coaching business but I didn’t yet know who my audience was nor how I could tie all my seemingly diverse talents together under one healing umbrella. Through her guided visualization’s and specified writing assignments, it all became crystal clear and totally doable. In the last month I have written a business plan, opened an LLC, created a website, and started seeing clients already. Truly a life-changer!
— Ambra, coach, Lionstone Coaching

“Olivia is an amazing thought partner and marketing expert.

Olivia helped me a great deal not only in coming up with a name for my organization but also in strategizing with me about the different product lines and how the marketing and audience would vary among them. This was really beneficial to do at an early stage, as it allowed me to get more clarity with my vision and who I was ultimately trying to serve. Olivia is an amazing thought partner and marketing expert.

— Carrie Wagner, executive director, GALS Los Angeles

“She has integrity.”

Olivia is naturally gifted at all things regarding organization and creating more clarity in terms of clear branding. She’s also great at creating aesthetically pleasing, highly functional artwork and layouts for the online media arena. I really appreciated her clear communication in regards to payments and time frames.  She has integrity.  .

— Charanpal Kaur, chant artist and kundalini yoga instructor

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Olivia! She has a practical business sense, and the drive to make things happen. At the same time, she has a huge heart and brings a tremendous amount of love and passion to everything she creates. She will get behind your vision, and inspire you to new heights. She is a true gift to the entrepreneurial and spiritual community.
— Amanda Young, founder, Urban Goddess

“With all my heart, thank you for your expertise on this important next step in the creation of my business!

Olivia, thank you!  I love your final changes on everything and this is an enormous help.  It's been such a joy to work with you and you've really helped me.  I'll definitely give your name to others.  With all my heart, thank you for your expertise on this important next step in the creation of my business! 

— Bonne Chance, life coach

“...Strength and confidence...”

Olivia’s consulting advice is on point and delivered with strength and confidence. She has the ability to help entrepreneurs move through obstacles in their businesses.  

— Jackie O'Shea, Intuitive Guide and Healer


She is a manifesting magnet. 

“Olivia Pool has been blessed with many gifts, the greatest of which is her innate ability to connect with, and bring diverse groups of people together. She’s a manifesting magnet. If granted a chance to work with her directly - snatch it! There will be zero regrets.”

- J. Mitchell, visual and sound artist, FariStudios

She is intuitive, honest, and professional.

Olivia was amazing at drawing out my authentic message and helping me to consistently weave it throughout my site as well as my promotional and marketing avenues. She is intuitive, honest and professional. Her experience and dedication to serving conscious entrepreneurs to prioritize, organize and reach goals is inspiring and effective! I am incredibly grateful to her!

- Jessica Rueger, Life Coach + Yoga Instructor

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to clearly see the heart and core of their business, and shift the way they are operating to a style that will bring them true success from within.

— Jennifer Rose Aronson, founder, CranioSacral Goodness