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I write things. Sometimes they get published.  

As an entrepreneur, a female, and a personal development junkie, I'm a huge fan of The Best Kept Self, an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs feeling re-energized in their personal and professional lives.  It's like taking a spa day for your health, your looks, and your mind.  I love being one of the Featured Contributors on the Best Kept Self site.  Check out some of my latest articles here


I get interviewed by my first spiritual teacher in this podcast. 

In this podcast, I had the honor of being interviewed by one of my very first spiritual teachers - an amazing man named David Michael.  David lives in Charleston, SC and hosts regular gatherings where anyone of any background or belief system is loved, appreciated, and welcomed.  If you're in that area, I highly recommend meeting David in person.  He has been one of the most helpful guides in my own personal journey towards Self Love.  Learn more about David on his website, Teachings Through David Michael


Spiritual Psychology Teacher • Conscious Entrepreneur Coach • Authenticity Advocate • Lover • Kundalini Yogi • Writer • Island Princess

Scared + Sacred

Scared and sacred not only look similar, they are more alike than you might realize. 

Learn how...

I bet you're pretty damn smart.

I'd wager that you've accomplished many things in your life. 

I'm certain people look up to you.

So, what's the deal with that one thing - you know, that THING that you just can't seem to make happen for some reason?!  It's usually fear that is holding you back. Let's shift that. 

Let's get to work

Now, more than ever, the world needs your Light, your Love, your brilliant ideas to help us all to co-create a new culture of conscious business. Need some help with that?  Get in touch with me. This is what I do. 


What does it really mean to be a Spiritual Warrior? 

These days, the terms ‘love and light’ get thrown around like cutesy little cosmic frisbees.

Being ‘spiritual’ is the new ‘cool.’ Self-help jargon has become the norm. There is a giant marketing campaign centered around the word ‘love,’ for gosh sakes. Wearing ‘love’ on your t-shirt and signing your emails with ‘love and light’ is sweet. But if it doesn’t have significant meaning for you, then, let’s be real—it’s nothing more than a bunch of words.

In my experience, the journey towards self discovery is far from cutesy. Honestly, if you’re really doing the work, it’s mostly messy and ugly and full of tissues. I can’t even count how many times I have found myself on my knees, lost and confused. And then there are those amazing, less-frequent, peak moments where you watch your Authentic Self rise out of the mud, like a brilliant, statuesque goddess. You radiate with genuine pride, clarity, and focus because you did it! You believed in yourself. You pushed through the negative mind. You overcame the fear.

Your path was wrought with self-doubt and you chose Love anyway. These! These are the moments when you can call yourself a Spiritual Warrior.

We must always win the war within ourselves first... CONTINUE READING


“Olivia taught me how to dig deep and realize what I wanted to say. Then she laid out a plan of attack, had me buckle down, put on my big girl pants and pushed me in the right direction to accomplish my desires and reach my full potential.”

- Karen Silvestro, artist