With two decades of business expertise and a Master's in Spiritual Psychology, I assist my clients with the life and business skills they need to make their dreams a reality.  

You want to be of service in the world with your brilliant business idea but you keep second-guessing yourself and don’t quite know where to start.  You need a loving kick in the ass and a clear vision. 

You want to spend your days fulfilling your life’s purpose, but you also need to pay your bills and you haven’t been able to get those things to match up yet. You need a solid strategic plan. 

You’re doing something truly unique and have a cool story to share, but no one knows you exist. You need a marketing and communications expert that can help you soulfully connect with your audience. 

You are full of passion and ready to work but you have so many ideas that you spend most of your time doing circles in Overwhelm Land.  You need focus, accountability, and an actionable plan.

I hear you, and more importantly, I can help you.


My ideal clients are courageous beings who are ready to do the work to truly release the ‘junk’ that has been preventing their Authentic Selves from shining.


Short term clients:

Having a rough day or week and need an unbiased, confidential business professional to talk to?  Sometimes all you need is a visit or two with a loving, skilled, compassionate facilitator to assist you in gaining clarity and perspective as you move over that hurdle.

Long term clients:

Ready to make serious, long-lasting changes in your personal life and in your career?  Make a commitment to learning incredible skills that will change your entire life. Investing in yourself is one of the most intelligent investments you will ever make.  In this scenario, we would meet in person or over Skype on a weekly basis.  We will check in to see how you are feeling, and also how productive you are being.  After all, this is about you moving towards your life's goals and dreams. If needed, I would assist you in working through whatever issues are present for you at that time. 

I specialize in helping creative, conscious entrepreneurs become successful doing what they love.